Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong

It doesn’t get any more old school than Donkey Kong. The classic arcade platformer was developed and released by Nintendo in the summer of 1981. It was the first game to feature Mario, though in Donkey Kong he was known as Jumpman. The game quickly became so popular it was cloned numerous times spawning titles such as Crazy Kong and Monkey Donkey. Both Donkey Kong and Mario later became two of Nintendo’s most used and loved characters. Up through the 80s Donkey Kong was ported to several platforms including Nintendo’s own Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and many other home computers. Several sequels was produced, such as Donkey Kong Country and Mario got his own life in the spin off Mario Bros. The lastest addition to the Donkey Kong franchise is Donkey Kong Barrel Blast which was released for Wii in 2007.
Donkey Kong stands as one of the most popular arcade titles of all time.

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